Thrive CryoStudio

Thrive CryoStudio aims to provide the best whole body cryotherapy experience for all individuals looking for holistic wellness and recovery alternatives. Thrive CryoStudio prides itself in taking the time to listen, educate and walk each guest through their cryotherapy session and often recommends treatments tailored to each guest. Visit Thrive CryoStudio to “chill” the pain away!

Thrive CryoStudio is located in Rockville, MD and proudly serves the entire DC Metro Area.

Magan Schneck / Blue Waters Massage & Skincare

Magan is a one stop shop for all your body needs. Need a facial with waxing? How about a massage too? It’s easy to spend up to 3 hours in her room getting pampered. With a passion for a health and well a balanced lifestyle, she combines mind and body wellness with the latest innovative techniques in the skincare and massage industry.

Cate Campbell / SKIN and WAX

Cate’s services are a unique blend of modern technology and ancient massage techniques. Incorporating everything from ultrasonic and LED devices to Kansa facial wands and jade rollers. She has been locally awarded and recognized in Annapolis for Best Waxing, Best Facial and Best Eye Brow Care.

Veronica Nguyen; Waxing Professional

Veronica specializes in full body waxing. With over 10 years of experience, Veronica has perfected the art of waxing. Using her own exclusive wax; designed with only the highest quality ingredients and your comfort in mind, allows her to deliver a very quick and almost pain free Brazilian wax. Veronica is best known for giving her clients a “Waxpro” experience. Completely hygienic, following a strict “NO DOUBLE DIP” policy (one stick per dip!) Not only will you leave feeling smooth, but you will leave knowledgeable and excited for your next waxing appointment.

Tracey Nguyen; Nails

Tracey has been a manicurist for the past 24 years.  She has developed her craft and built lots of loyal customers while working in Montgomery County at Roxan’s Day Spa, Studio 355 and New Wave Salon.

D and Kim; Nails

Day Tran Hoang (“D”) and Anh Kim Nguyen (“KIM”).

  • D and Kim have been practicing nail for over 20 years in the Rockville area.



Cecilia Galeano; Aesthetician

Cecilia was born in Argentina where people take their skin and body care seriously. She uses only the highest quality natural ingredients derived from fresh organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and mineral spring waters in every day skin care and health regiments.