Meet Your Stylist


My name is Hiwot Aberra and I am a certified hair stylist. I’ve always had a keen interest in the “art of hair” and have been working in diverse hair salons since I was 18. To turn my passion into a career, I decided to further my education and join a beauty school to get my license as a stylist. I started doing hair professionally at Salon Cielo, an Aveda Concept Salon in Washington DC, where I gained my deep expertise in styling and customer service for three years. At Salon Cielo, I was able to build a solid reputation as a professional stylist and establish a strong customer base. After working for three years at Salon Cielo, I decided to start my own business and co-founded ‘Salon Revive’, an Aveda concept salon, in Washington DC. As the owner, I took responsibility in leading the salon into a successful business. Today, Salon Revive is the go-to salon for cut, color and style for any type of hair texture in Washington DC. The business has taught me that understanding my client’s personality and respecting their lifestyle is the key element to success. Moreover, it helped me create a unique, suitable and easy to maintain hair style for everyone.

Services and Products

  • I use Aveda and Deva Curl products and employ their unique and effective techniques.