Meet Our Team

Tom Ruder

Chief Executive Officer | Central Location

Tom Ruder began his career in business and finance 25 years ago, with buying and building companies. After graduating from Georgetown University, he became a certified public accountant at Arthur Andersen, then completed his Masters in Business at the University of Chicago. Over the years, Tom served as a successful employee and leader within large corporations, which enabled him to learn the ropes of how to buy a company, invest in that company and grow the business smartly. Over the years Tom rose in the ranks of these companies and became a Chief Financial Officer of a large Private Equity fund. While he was building these businesses, Tom dreamed about creating something of his own. It was around this time that Jenifer and Tom met. After being introduced by a mutual friend, they shared their experiences, and brainstormed about how this powerful combination would be just the right mix to build a salon studio business that would not only enable each of them to realize their dream of being their own boss, but would also enable every stylist and spa therapist that joined the team – to realize theirs. Talk about a dream come true!

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